Looking for Candidates to Apply for Internationally Recognized Incubator Program

by mariah on September 21, 2011

Here in the Grand Valley, start-ups are a vital contributor to the health and diversity of our local economy.  Founded in 1987 by a group of community leaders, the Western Colorado Business Development Corporation dba the Business Incubator Center was one of several initiatives created after the 1982 economic bust to diversify the economy and create jobs. The Business Incubator Center has a variety of different programs to help entrepreneurs. One program in particular, the Incubator Program, is an intensive 5-year business support program that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.

The Incubator Program has some openings and is looking for candidates to apply to be in the Incubator Program. Interested applicants can download the application for the program off the website www.gjincubator.org or by coming to the Business Incubator Center. All types of businesses within different industries should apply, including manufacturing, agriculture, professional & technical services, construction and retail.

Participants in the Incubator Program receive:

  • Regular formal financial reviews
  • On-going management guidance
  • Technical assistance
  • Business consulting tailored to young growing companies
  • Access to appropriate rental space and flexible leases
  • Shared business services and equipment
  • Assistance in obtaining the financing necessary for company growth
  • Networking opportunities with other businesses & customers in the community

Today, the Incubator Program serves approximately 54 Incubator Program Companies in our 60,000 square foot facilities. The Business Incubator Center is nationally recognized as a leader in entrepreneurial business support. During its 23 year history, it’s been recognized with five National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) awards for its programs, clients and graduates’ performance. Communities from around the world draw on our organizational model for financial sustainability and focus on economic diversification as a best practice within the Incubation industry. Whether exploring an idea, launching new technology or marketing your grandmother’s special sauce, the Incubator Center is here to help.

Business Incubator Center

2591 B ¾ Road

Grand Junction, CO 81503

Phone (970) 243-5242

Fax (970) 241-0771


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apearson@gjincubator.org       mzerbe@gjincubator.org          hroe@gjincubator.org

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